19 AugWar porn: victims need our outrage but also their privacy

Teddy bear

As the conflict in Syria rages on, the circulation of shocking images of children reaches new heights. But what is the impact on the individual and why aren’t Syrian children afforded the same levels of privacy as child victims in the UK? Yesterday morning I clicked a link and was met with the shocking image […]

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08 JulWannabe remake is as meaningless as it was in 90s

Wannabe remake poster

A “feminist remake” of the Spice Girl’s Wannabe has gone viral, with over 250,000 views. Despite Victoria Beckham claiming it will empower a new generation, its promises are as empty as they were in the 90s. The campaigning video by Global Goals is dominating my Facebook feed, and every time it gets shared I grind my teeth a little […]

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18 MayFive lessons from women activists from the past

Matchgirls strike

For the past year I’ve been working on a research project about the history of women activists in East London. In Her Footsteps explores nearly 150 years of women-led activism, from the Match Girls of Bow, to women supporting refugees in the Calais Jungle. I recently gave a presentation at ECF Live about the project […]

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23 NovParis attacks: why media bias is at the heart of our grieving


The landslide coverage of the Paris attacks have caused many to question why Beirut and Baghdad are not receiving the same attention. Everyone from neuroscientists to Lebanese commentators have weighed in. But who is right? The Guardian carried a letter today from Dr Daniel Glasser, who kindly explained to us why the terrorists attacks in Paris received […]

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27 AugWhat makes a good story?


A question came up of the eCampaigners Forum the other day that I found interesting: how do you tell good stories in campaigning? I’ve lots of opinions on this, but some of the points raised by other contributors were also very interesting. Here are some of them: Have a a good protagonist Story telling works best […]

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28 Nov10 steps to getting heard in traditional and social media


In the last 10 years a noisy world got even noisier. There aren’t just blogs, there is a blogosphere; there isn’t just Twitter, there’s the Twitterverse. How do you make your voice heard over the constant rumble? How can you get your content to go viral? The truth is you don’t. Everyone wants their story […]

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14 MarThere’s no such thing as too many emails

Sini Saarela Bail Hearing at Court in Murmansk

At last year’s E-Campaigner’s Forum Live , a representative from Obama’s digital campaign’s team gave a fascinating talk. Amongst many words of wisdom she said: there’s no such thing as too many emails; watch what supporters do, not what they say. I recently put that theory to test, and found some interesting results. In October I […]

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17 FebIf journalists are dogs then bloggers are cats

grumpy cat not a dog

Thinking of starting a blogger outreach programme? First step is to understand that bloggers and journalists are not the same. In fact, if journalists are dogs, then bloggers are cats. I’ve been blogging on a regular basis for four years and it’s brought me many joys. However on weekly basis I have to confront some […]

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18 NovAnonymous go head to head with Gazprom

Gazprom Protest at European Gas Conference in Brussel

For those who don’t know Anonymous, they’re a group of hacker activists (or an internet gathering, as they call themselves) who target governments, religious institutions with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). In other words, they find security loopholes, then take down their website. And now they’ve set their sights on Russian oil giant, Gazprom. Gazprom […]

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11 OctBringing disabled young people into the digital revolution

Young disabled person in ball pit

“There’s a one in 35 million chance you’ll die from blogging,” said Andrew . Although I considered this a low enough risk to be comfortable enough to continue my blogging career, I could see some of the other young people in my training session looking a bit nervous. It maybe wasn’t the best way to […]

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